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omg, i think i got it.


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what do ya think?

12oz babassu oil

7.2ox cocoa butter

7.2 shea butter

12oz sunflower oil

9.5 coconut oil

18.2 water

7oz lye

this reciep came out:

hardness 56

cleansing 31

condition 40

fluffy 31

stable 25

iodine 53


i have never did any soap except melt and pour. so this is going to be fun. please let me know if there is anything wrong with this reciep. i havent studied this hard since college.lol what do ya think i am going to give this a swirl (LOL) in a couple of mins. thanks

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Your iodone is too low, this soap may be too hard, trace too fast, be unmanageable. I would lower the hard oils. 48 oz batch, correct?

How about:

Babassu 10%

Cocoa Butter 7.5%

Coconut 20%

Shea 7.5%

Sunflower 20%

Olive 35%

Hardness 40

Cleansing 20

Conditioning 56

Fluffy 20

Stable 19

Iodine 66

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