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My Chinese Name


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she told me this morning that my symbols are good and so is my name. I was worried that I might get it wrong.....

LOL Yes, you never know how something will translate. Your Asian customers might have been snickering behind your back because your new labels actually said something like "Smelly Garbage"! :grin2:

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Wellllllllllll as long as "someone" buys it who cares???????? I always check with my sources and they tell me that I am ok....but my sister who was raised in California with a mother who was prolific in English, Latin and German....now says things like "her and I are goin to the store"...and I am gonna carry this over to Virginia's house for supper".....hee hee hee......Kate Chu told me that just as in English....ther are many translations in Chinese and she said mine are ok.....I will just keep my finger and toes crossed.....in English! LOL Donita

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A crafter at the mall shows we do has a wife that is from Japan and he can write it also. They put your name on a piece of paper for $1.00 at the shows. (they sell jewelry also)

They visit Japan all the time, I asked him if he writes English names for $1.00 over there. LOL

I also wanted to put it on my labels, probably my incense labels.


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