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7 Chinese Fortune Candles Yeah!!!!!!!


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Finally....it came together....Thanks to everyone who helped my when I was going to give up. This looks so simple, but Ed and put in several days of getting it to this point. Thanks to Robin for the Gimp program....it allowed Ed to make my painted symbols transparent to be placed on the colored paper background. We bought two programs that didn't work. We have a computer geek coming over....seriously he is a computer geek. He has his apartment set up like an after hours club....calls it "Club Woo" and in the main room, painted cement floors....he build a DJ booth out of identical old computer towers....he spins records and if you don't like his choice he will ask you to leave. He gave my grandson, Van, one of his vintage Lava Lamps....he really is a nice guy and friend of my son's. They live in the Pink Warehouse. (Dave Matthews old home).....I want to buy that building and call my business "The Pink Warehouse Candle Company" and have a restaurant there called "Pink".....everyone I know can pick a job and I will live on the top 4th floor....the owner has lived up there for years. I used to have her for a customer when I worked in a salon. She is a well published author and a really crazy fun lady and antique dealer, but it time for her to retire and me to win the lottery and offer her twice the value of the downtown property...hee hee hee......I love that dream. It even has a roof top patio.

Now.....I am going to try to make a flower arrangement and embed it today......I will probably be pulling my hair out again. Donita



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Those candles are wonderful!!! What do the symbols stand for? My soon to be son inlaw teaches TKD (martial arts) and really loves Korean Symbols and so does my daughter. They will be married on Sept. 30th . Last week I tried to embed their pic on one side of a candle and the HEE symbol ( Happiness for husband and wife) on the other side. Needless to say I failed. :0( Are these Korean symbols? Glad it's working for you.;)

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The paper came from Michaels....except the pink...I made that in Coeur d'Alene about 12 years ago...has my own rose petals in it. Micaels has this textured stuff in the scrapbook section.....I am going to get more because I want to add to my Chinese Symbol Collection......."Baby Girl" "Baby Boy" and "Twins" and present this whole collection to hospital gift shops...along with "health" of course..... Donita

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