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Fundraiser Candles


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A customer asked if I could make her some candles for her schools fundraiser. She is a spanish teacher at a nearby high school.

The one on the left is the colors of the Mexico flag. The bottom green is scented Cinnaberry, the middle white is Vanilla, and the top red is Cinnamon. All scents were requested by the customer.

The one on the right is the colors of the Spain Flag. The top and bottom red is scented Macintosh apple, the middle is Vanilla. Again, this is the scent selection of the customer. If it was up to me, there would have been a different selection.

These were made as an example so she could show the school board. I hope I get the account. What do you think?


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I like those.

I'm just curious, what scents would you have picked?

If it were me I'd pick something that would reflect each of those countries, but since I've never been out of the US, I would be clueless. :rolleyes2 Don't know that I would have layered the scent, though. Ahhhhhh, the beauty of making candles ... there are soooooooooo MANY variations, & all of them good! :wink2:

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Don't forget the Colombian flag :cheesy2: Tell her she should use "Latin" scents like pineapple cilantro, papaya, mango. cafe con leche (a coffee scent), dulce de leche (caramel)...I think they would sell better for her because as a buyer, there would be nothing special to make me buy a spanish flag candle if it's scented "american apple pie," if you see what I mean. I think if you approach her like that, as a Spanish teacher she should get it. Tell her it will give her MAS PLATA! ;)

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