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what happened to my soap....


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I made pumpkin cheesecake on Wed & when I unmolded & started to cut it last night it just fell apart.... what could have caused it? Here's my recipe..

Avocado Oil 4 oz.

Cocoa Butter 2 oz.

Coconut Oil 10 oz.

Olive Oil 12 oz.

palm Oil 6 oz.

Palm kernel 4 oz.

Rice Bran 6 oz.

Shea Butter 4 oz

I didn't have Palm kernel so I used Apricot Kernel instead...... HELP !!!

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I did CP - it wasn't like butter... not as crumbly as crackers... but when I put the knife in to cut... it split down the middle... I just chunked it up...

I can rebatch this can't I... it smells so good !

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As long as you didn't mismeasure anything, I'd suspect the FO just doesn't like to be CPed..

You *did* recalculate the lye when you made the PKO - AKO substitution, right? Otherwise you've got too much lye - the SAP value of PKO is .176, of AKO is .139. Just checking, just in case ;)

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