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Goats Milk Question

Ashlie K

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I always thought that Goats milk was "WHITE".

I saw the other day where this particular goats milk was off white, or light beige.

Can you tell me where you get yours from and if the colour is white or this off white colour?


Edited to type:

The reason I ask this is because I purchased Goats milk from A.C. Moore and it is the purest colour of WHITE. Then I purchased from another place and the colour was off white.

Thanks for your replies. :)

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The goat milk I get is off white or has a yellow cast to it. And I get it at a farm up the road that has lots of goats ..I trade them my goatmilk soap for their milk and we are both happy with the trade. It is by far my favorite soap ... I make it with cocoa butter and it is so nice on the skin...never need body lotion.

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In my experience with goat's milk (I tested for awhile but decided not to sell it) is that depending on the temp. of the goat's milk when you incorporate the lye will depend on what color you get. Using slushy GM mixed with lye will yield a whiter soap. Room temp or cool GM mixed with lye will yield a more yellowish bar. Or some people add GM powder to their lye water and do not use fresh GM. That will also yield a whiter soap.


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I get my gm from a friend that raises that goats. It comes fresh from the goat. Its white or off white. I freeze it before adding it to the lye so that it won't curdle and turn darker on me. If it curdles, the mixture turns a pukey orange color, but the soap won't be that color thank goodness - it turns a dark tan/brown color. If I can keep the gm from curdling, the soap will come out a little lighter in color than cardboard. Of course, certain FOs will contribute to the color change too.

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