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Probably a dumb question, but....


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i searched and couldn't find the answer so here it goes:

How do I get my M&P soaps out of a plastic mold?

I thought about running them under warm water, but I was afraid it would morf the soaps??

I've got some cute little duckies and fishies waiting to be unmolded! :D

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Well, we did them last night, but this morning they are not popping right out As a matter of fact, I tried kind of twisting the mold slightly to help them along, and cracked the mold. :(

I'll try popping in the freezer, and see, thanks. :)

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Well, putting them in the freezer seemed to be what worked with these particular molds (they are hard plastic), but I had already cracked one of them in two places trying to gently "twist" and push them out beforehand. :undecided

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