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Some recipes are going to trace faster than others, based on the oils and amounts used. If you post the recipe, it might be easier to help you. Not sure if you mean the thickness ocurred when you added the FO, the FO could be the culprit if that's when it happened.


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CPOP is just simply cp soap put in the oven to "process" (the warm oven forces it to gel faster). I'm wondering if you mean OHP (which is Oven Hot Process) where you put it in the oven and stir it at intervals and all that stuff - kind of like the crockpot?

But if you're not... w/ CPOP you make your CP soap like usual, trace doesn't matter. If you're swirling, you would do a lighter trace, layering, maybe thicker trace, etc. And then put it in your mold, cover and put in a warm oven.

As far as your mashed potatoes thing, it sounds like your FO might have just made your batch seize up. Anyway, like Eugenia said - go ahead and post your recipe and maybe someone can help figure it out.

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