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Fugly alert!!


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:mad: I haven't been feeling well and my last several pillars are reflecting it!

These are supposed to be dark green rustics. Yuck. I hope this slump goes away soon. Not to mention I have the worst digital camera on the planet. :o

I really like those considering how you were feeling. I think they turned out very nice.

Hope your feeling better soon!

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ummmm....i've seen worse candles (these actually look nice) and WAY worse photography.....so I think you're being quite hard on yourself. Look on the bright side, keep trying and keep up the good work :)

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I think they're very pretty :). Is it because they didn't come out the color you wanted? The best part of unmolding a rustic or mottle is wondering exactly what they're going to look like - lol!

They are great - and I love the decorative detail you put on them. I'm simply not creative enough to come up stuff like that, and my photography is always bad so feel free to make fun of all my pics!


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