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Anyone ordered this soap from here?


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I have heard and read great things about the soap but I have never ordered from this company so I wasn't sure on the quality of the soap. I have seen it at Agbanga Karite.

MM, thanks for letting me know about the company. I am going to order it. Hope I like it, I'm getting the minimum they have 5lbs. :eek::o

ignitethesenses, yes it is ready to use as is, you can also scent it. I have read that you can put some in a container and add water and it becomes a liquid soap.

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That is the Strangest looking Africian Black soap I have ever seen!

It is usually a chocolate brown and kind of 'blotchy' looking. I got mine ages ago and still have some - so haven't looked lately for sites that carry it.

It is usually made in a wheel - almost like a wheel of cheese - then cut into chunks. You can mush it up and add water - to get liquid soap.

Oh sorry - I got carried away;) = anyway - that looks blue to me??

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OH WOW!!!! They are local to me and not to far from where I live. To bad they are closed until 8-26 but I'm gonna get some from there when they open back up.


I talked to the other place and the lady could not explain to me why hers was blue. She says she makes it herself there. :confused: I asked for a sample so I can compare to a black one when I get some soon.

Thanks for everyones help. :)

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hmmm interesting that she makes it herself! Most of the "real" Black soap comes directly from Africa. It is made using plantain skins instead of lye and I am not sure you can do that here???

So glad that the link helped - I just picked one at random for the pic of the soap:p

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