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Who here does wedding favors?

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What type are you looking for?? I have this on my website from a wedding I did

"Thank you so much for getting all my 150 votives to me in such great time. I used them for

favor's at our wedding and they were perfect. The votives are so much bigger than any votive

you can buy in the store. They are twice the size as Partylite! I will never buy candles from

anywhere else again. I can't wait to order more and try out more scents!"

- Christine Pomerleau

She wanted simple


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Yes, Xtina! Along those lines....

I hope this is ok to post here--

As some of you know, I am a wedding planner. I have a show on iTunes, and I'm trying to wrap up this week's show which is about personalizing your wedding.

At any rate, I'm looking for a vendor to promote for candle favors-- they can be votives, tins, etc. The only thing that I'm looking for is for them to be comprable or less than those sold by Yankee or Illuminations. I'm looking for something that is custom made, but still has that personalized, handmade effect, if that makes any sense. Also, if you make personalized b&b, contact me as well, as those would make good BM gifts.

I cannot possibly handle the extra workload. I don't want or need any samples-- just a little background....questions I will ask off the public forum.


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Hi, I made some cute favors for my cousins wedding about 2 years ago. I put a pic of the bride and groom in a miniature soap bar. ( like the size of the soap bars in hotels) I wrapped each one in white tulle and tyed with a ribbon. They were scented also. Everyone LOVED them. It was deffinately something different.


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I don't DO wedding favors so to speak, but I do know of an incredibly wonderful gift to give. They are called water kefir grains. They are very cheap to make and they reproduce to double their original amount with every brewing (24-48 hours). They cost about 10 dollars on Ebay and your wedding guests can sell the extra they don't use back on Ebay for a lot. I am growing them and I will have a ton of kefir grains to sell by the time I am done. I thought I would mention it because everybody wants money and health, and these grains provide both. I love them.


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