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Why is my soap


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I used Cucumber Cantaloupe,McApple.I know lard is animal,and palm is a plant LOL.I bet you thought you dumba$$.I really don't know what I was trying to ask.I have read that if you don't have palm,you can use lard.I like using lard,But down the road I don't know what people would think about animal fat in their soap.what does most people preferr(SP?)?


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My recipe,6 lb batch.Cooled lye water,and oils to about 108 degrees.at thin trace poured some oils in cups and color with Kelly Green clay,and Yellow mica in other cup.At trace added 4 ozs of cucumber canaloupe fo.Pour colors in oils in pot.poured in wooden mold,covered with towel,and blanket for 20 hrs.The colors turned out very good in the soap except for the soap that didn't have color,it is a yuck color.

Sweet Almond-7%



Cocoa Butter-5%

Coconut -15% Anna


PKO Flakes-10% p.s.I mixed my own cc fo-50/50 Garden Cucumber,



Water-34 ozs,Lye 13.60 ozs

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After reading all of the posts the only thing that I can think of is that some of the ingredients once mixed together and saponified just reacted weird and made a strange color.

Sometimes the type of olive oil that you use can yield a strange green, yellow, or brownish color.... maybe that with the mixture of the clay, mica, amd FO mixture that is what you got.... I don't see any other possibility unless you were using a metal spoon to mix the lye in...

HTH some. That is all that I've got for ideas. :confused:

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