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ok.. Gag Me!


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U know I am fustrated!!

I just put in an order for lye..and umm well..I can only ship up to 10lbs per box! errr....Why. Ohhh ..Why do meth people mess it up for everyone??? First cold meds..Now lye!! Holy cow..what a pain in the butt! And Of course I don't live near a good supplier..


Ok i feel a bit better!:tongue2: Just things have to be complicated!!!!!:(

Thanks for listening to me!:confused:

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I get my lye locally. I got my chemical supplier from work to special order me a 55lb bag.

Do you have a local carpet cleaning company? They might be able to talk to thier chemical supplier and get the lye.

You could try a landscaping or farming supply place too.

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Thanks Guys! I do feel better..It is just a bummer when u have limited $$ and U set Your sites...and have a plan..and it falls thru..i went thru the place i did cause it was in NY..and supposed to ship 20lbs per box..then come to find out he can only do 10lbs per box now..ok..soo now i just paid a ton in shipping from ny!!


just my luck!!!! :D hehe...Thanks for listening....

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