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At last, my year of grumbling ceases!

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Just wanted to share that you will no longer have to put up with my grumbling about my old 415 soy that wouldn't melt. KY has some lower melt soy that I used 50/50 and it is working! I may have to adjust the ratio, but at last I have two candles burning with melt pools and throw. I'm sure I'll still have questions about wicking, etc. but I am so excited with this result I just wanted to share it in case anyone else has similar problems. And, It is still a 100% soy wax candle. Beth

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Hi Sharon. It was only called Soy 115 on KY site. I did wonder if it was the same 402, but of course, they all call it priviliged. The only one that answered was Connie's Candles and she said the 402 was a Golden Brand's product. Ky's was less expensive and I had wanted to try some scents from them also, so that is why I went that direction. I am fiinding I need to go 60/40 more often that not with the 60 being the 115. HTH. Beth

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Beth...I make my candles from the Ky pure soy. Is that what you use

to make your container candles?

I, too, was considering a mixture of the pure soy and 115. I wrote

Vicky from Ky and asked her about using a mixture of the two

soy waxes and she said the 115 will make the candle sweat in the


So, now I don't know whether to try it or not, as I am confused???

It just makes sense to me to have a soy blend with a lower melting

point to throw a better scent.


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Hi Lynn. I bought my soy somewhere else back last Dec. and it says 415 on the box. Later, I read there was a batch with problelms dated that day. I had tried every wick possible and couldn't get a melt pool. I agree, weather might affect the possible sweating if the melt temp gets low enough. Not sure on that. I am just trying to get my mix down to a HTP 105 or a 60C in the 8 oz. jelly or a 62C in a square mason. Many are happy with a HTP 126 in the jelly jar, but even that wouldn't work for me. So my choices were limited...tarts or mix something in and so far, this seems the best. HTH. Beth

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