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Well, I am going to be the oddball here. It just looks off to me, with the Candles being off to the right and no wording on the left. If you want to keep the "flame" you have on there, why not put Radiant on top of "glow" and eliminate the little symbol you have on there. Just an idea. :D

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BizzyB did one for me too.I like it and when I want a logo for my bath and body I want her to do it.Right now I wanted a paw print logo.

I was looking around for some bath ones but never found what I want.Still working on website and getting pics and weighing.Also trying to find some 16 ounce mason jars without paying big bucks for shipping.Impossible.

BizzyB does good work and works on it till she gets it the way you want.She doesn't waste time.


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