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OK.... so I have been trying to do this candlemaking thing right and maybe ... we'll see what further test burning brings but,,, tonight I started burning my 2nd batch of candles for test burning. I followed my suppliers directions and still they dont seem to be burning right. Some the wick seems it will drown soon others look almost like a strob light in a dark room the flame bounces so much. So, heres my ? and again any input would make me hopefully less crazy. I am starting at scratch. What would any of you suggest for a base wick (no FO or dye) for a 8oz cracker jar, measurements of opening are about 3 1/4 in. base is about 4in. I use EL classic soy - have a million and ten different wicks. In my candles I am burning now none of the FO is over .9oz/lb, very powerful stuff I hear :) and only additive besides dye is 1/4tsp UV inhib. /lb. Thanks again -- so sorry to ask so many ?s I just really want to get A good candle. :)

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What FO are you using? That is a low FO ratio for any type of soy.

Now those cracker jars have those squared corners. So you need to be precise with centering the wick. I would try a CD 22 or 20, if you don't have those a 62-52-18C. Ditch the UV additive~ its really not needed.

Others might tell you to double wick. But its not necessary. The only jar I can say that might require a double wick for an 8 oz container is a tureen jar.

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Can't help with the wicking, cause I don't use that jar. But, I add UV to all my candles, scented or unscented and it won't interfere with your burning at all....you could go down to 1/8 tsp. though for an 8 oz. Your candles can and will fade and the UV will help a lot!! :cool2:

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