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Tallow bars (Robin, please read)


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Didn't want to hijack CranberryGirl's thread, but I noticed that you mentioned you were trying to incorporate tallow bars to your line, which is something I've been trying to figure out how to do as well. Bar for bar, no matter how great I think one of my veggie bars turn out, I still love my AO bars so much more.

Around here in No.KY, about 1/2 my customers care about veggie vs. animal. It's my online out-of-state customers that I'm not sure about.

Was wondering if you (or anyone else for that matter) had brainstormed any marketing ideas.


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Tallow is rendered from the hard fat found around the internal organs. It can be boiled down, (I add things to minimize the smell), to get lovely white hard tallow, or it can be store bought, where you get butters from, although I personally don't like the quality of this.



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