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Marble cut pics added


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I played with my stepping stone mold yesterday, trying to get a "marbled" effect with a combination of CP and M&P. DH thinks it looks like a shirt he used to own back in the 80's. :o What do y'all think? By the way, it was scented with SW Cedarwood Mint (FABULOUS scent!! And strong!!) and colored with stinging nettle powder, which is supposed to be good for oily skin.




Cut pics: (I did not do the marble throughout, as this soap traced very quickly)





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Thanks for the kind replies gals!! :)

Maryann, what I did was melt some M&P in black, white, and clear, and drizzled each into the mold. Then I poured the CP on top of it. The heat from gel melted the M&P a bit and allowed it to adhere to the CP. The cedarwood mint doesn't smell like a hope chest at all. It is more minty than cedar-y. It's a very spa-like fragrance (and a Thymes dupe), like mint with a background of evergreen woods. :D

:drool: That looks AWESOME!!!

I have to ask the million $ question, how do you work w/ both soaps?? I know Grumpy was asking about it before. That looks FABULOUS, I'm just so intrigued by the idea. Also The FO makes me think of a hopechest smell, what in your words does this FO smell like :confused:

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That second pic. (the closeup) almost makes it look like a camo pattern, too cool.

Then when I saw the cut pics. the colors are more definite than I thought-cool!!

I think it's sooo creative of you to first be using that big stepping stone mold and then to use M&P with CP, go you girl!! :D

the scent sounds divine!!

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