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I finally did it!

Steph in tx

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I will try to put these pics in. They don't look as good in the pics, as they do in person...but you'll get the idea. ;) Actually these pics suck. :eek: But I had to show ya'll.

This is my FIRST CP SOAP....but I think it turned out well. It's Lard, Coconut Oil and Olive Oil with 1oz of Mountain Lake. I used Peacock Dye called Tricky Blue...and it depends on PH....so mine came out a Pinkish Purple..Super Strong scent..but I'll have to change the name now :laugh2: Right now it is not blue!! Thanks for lookin'

Steph in tx



P.S. Thanks to Robin for helping with scale issues!!

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Sorry, I've been away from the computer all day.

Thank you all so much! Coming from you ladies is a Great Compliment! :bow: I've been admiring ya'lls work for too long. I just had to try! lol

I think I will try again this week:laugh2:(yes, I'm addicted!) with same recipe, but different scent!! This one is sooo loud!

I will try to take a better pic outside and see if I can get it posted. This camera is soo old and we have to have perfect light for it to come out good. :(

Thank You Mystical_Angel for the Dancing Baby! On this board that is like winning an Oscar :yay:


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