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Did 3 test batches of CP soap!!!!


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Since I only have mostly 1 oz samples of FO, I made a batch of 36 oz soap (think I would have only enough for 3 testers, but I actually had enough for 4). At a thin trace, I poured 12 oz of soap into a small measuring cup and add my fo (only colored the one batch with paprika). I did Peppercorn (BCS) and colored it with the paprika, Dogwood from BCS, and Peonies and Peaches from Candles and Supplies. The only one that went a little fast on me was the Dogwood, but it still turned out okay. I didn't realize I would have so much left over, probably enough for one more test batch. I just put it into one of the cheap molds from JO Ann Fabrics (it went in the garbage because it cracked in several places).

I cut them this morning and they all look good. I will try and get a pic on later when I have some time. I can smell the peonies and Peaches the most, but the dogwood is pretty strong as well.

I hope we are able to get a colors co-op going because all I have are red and yellow oxides and TD!!! I might have to get a job (right now I am a sahm) so I can support my habit until it starts supporting itself!!! I have one of those small plastic shoe boxes full of FO samples to try!!!


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