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Anyone bought from Makes Scents Candles?


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Just make sure that the wax you want is in stock at all times there.

I stopped by there this summer and wanted the 415 soy wax.

They had 10 lbs of it but not the 50lbs boxes.

They said to me that they wouldn't have any in till the end of the month which was 3 weeks away. When I asked why, the answer I got was that it was their slow season and they did not want to overstock??

I gave them my name and number and asked them to check on shipping costs for me on a pallet of wax . I never heard from them. I am not saying they are a bad company by any means, this was just my experience with them.:undecided

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I haven't had anything shipped from there, but I was in the store. When I head down that way I like to stop and sniff. I get my wax locally, so I never tried thier wax. From what I could tell in the store the people were friendly, the store was pretty busy. They didn't seem to mind the fact that I stood there opening every single bottle of FO.

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