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Water Based Fragrances??


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I just ordered some base for body spray/shower gel and lotion from www.craftlobby.com and I ordered some scents from www.candlesource.com not realiznig that the base is water and the scents are oil :( I need to find some more scents in WATER BASE format any ideas?? I'm just starting with all of this so its totally new to me.

Thanks for the help in advance!


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craftlobby has the water based fo's.

in the oil based ones the heavenly is awesome.

the vanilla bean bbw dupe is also great.

the roasted hazelnut, rich almond, and vanilla rave are great.

the boucheron, massimo, wisteria, sun showers they stink imo.

the bathing in the rain, & angel feathers, lauren, deep blue ocean,

jamaica me crazy these smell pretty good.

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WSP also has water based fo's. i have used the heather, lavender and fresh linen. not sure if they still carry those, but they were nice. one thing i found though is the scent didn't last as long as regular fo's in a cyclomethicone spray or even in body spray like BC's which you just shake before each use.

for shower gel, lotions, you don't need to use water based.

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