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SC Apricot Freesia ...cut pic added.


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Even though I woke up under the weather this morning I forged ahead and soaped up SC Apricot Freesia. Here's a pic of it in the mold. It's colored with gold mica and pink amethyst dry color from MMS. I have great hopes for it when it is cut tomorrow. The bottom layer is apricot color tinted with the mica and a hint of amethyst color.


Edited to add cut pic. I had to lighten in up because the shadows were so dark taken in the full sun. The colors are much the same as the first photo.:


I'm happy with the colors. Hope they stay that way. :)

It's been a while since I've made a batch because I've been making butters like mad to build a little stock before I put them on my site. Maybe that's why I'm sick...work all day at school and then come home and work all evening on my soaps 'n stuff. It really is an obsession because there is always something you want to try.

But then, you all already know that! :laugh2::o Thanks for looking.

I should add that it soaped beautifully with no acceleration, hopefully no discoloration, and smells great so far!

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Thanks so much!

I always have trouble swirling throughout the entire soap.

It usually just swirls on the top!

Many of my swirls are top-only swirls too! I like the broad swaths of color over the top of the bars with a cream/white center and a bottom color; especially for a floral. If I try to get the swirls deeper then I run the risk of gouging out chunks of my bottom layer.

Don't ask how I know that...:laugh2:

As far as my technique goes, I don't think it's different than what others do. I use dry colorants, dip out a little warm oil from the pot for each color I'm making, and mix that into the dry color. I do it early on so I can mix the colorant together with the oils several times to break up any particles before I need to put the raw soap in the cup to mix the swirl color. Then I just pour the top layer as usual and pour the swirl colors on top in stripes that oppose the direction I will be swirling. I use a narrow spatula to swirl gently in broad swaths across (the "grain" of ) the contrasting colors, trying not to mix too much. I pour the layers and swirls at thin trace (like thin batter or thick cream). The roomier the mold the easier it is. I use a 32 bar mold.


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Thanks for the nice comments, ladies! :bliss: The scent is great and they sent along a sample of apricot chamomile which is awesome too!

The mold I use is a larger slab mold. I don't do well swirling in bar molds. In fact you could say I am bar-mold-swirling impaired. :o Not enough space for me to move the spatula about in the top of a bar mold so when I try swirling in those it looks pretty bad, plus a third of the soap ends up being slopped over the sides of the mold. The two bar molds I have are gathering dust on my storage rack. I use them for solid color bars. I've got to tip my hat to soapers who can swirl in bar molds!:D

I'll add cut pics after my husband cuts the bars. I'm great at trimming and beveling, but I'm terrible at cutting too.

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They look AMAZING (as usual ;) )

I tried a double layer the other day after seeing your layers, I need more molds as I do my batches in 3lbs. I had to stop at 2 layers and I have some pretty thick bars at two layers. The idea is just so neat and you do such BEAUTIFUL work!! :)

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