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Candle Charms


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Where is a good place to look for charms to attach around the neck of my container candles? I think they would look cute if secured with elastic cord, etc.! A little something to add to the look.:undecided

Not sure where to find them; I did a search and the results were not what I expected, for the most part. Thanks for your help!

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Bittercreek carries them. I would think you could go to michaels or joann's and look in their jewelry dept and find any number of items that would work.

Thanks, Laura. I guess I wasn't thinking this morning. I'll take a look at Michaels when I get up to the mall. Appreciate it!

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Hi Larrycat,

I use charms on some of my small decorative jars. I did not a lot of searching a few months ago and saved these in my favorites:

http://www.fancifulsinc.com/ -- I have ordered from them -- fast







I have also ordered from Bittercreek. They have mostly the smaller ones but have some good ones.

I think charms add a great touch to a candle. I made some valentine candles which I put charms on. I also got some really pretty ones from Michaels to use for Valentine's Day. They were a little more expensive, but they were just right. The one thing I do not like about buying online is it is a back-breaking, neck-aching experience looking through all the charms on the computer. ugh There are a lot to go through. Have fun! :)


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