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My GB wax test...402, GW444, 449

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Hi all,

Just thought I'd share my test results w/you. I have also sent these to Jason. Waiting to hear on suggested temps, but couldn't wait, so I did what I found posted on the boards.

I received samples of 3 of their waxes. 402,GW444,449. (pictured L-R)

I used my most prone to frosting combo, and one of my favorites too.

FO- Cranberry Marmalade from CS @ 6%

1/4 reddiglo cranberry die chip, ea.

RRD 37

jars- 4oz, 12-sided.

heated to 180, poured @150.

I have to make my pics smaller to upload them(as soon as I can figure THAT out...lol :confused:) I'm new to this digital camers thing.I will describe what they look like:

402- looked like colored curdled milk!! :eek: but had a great cold and decent hot throw. had too deep a burn pool, so I'll wick down??

GW444- a beautiful looking candle. no frost. no wet. smooth top. bad cold throw, so-so hot throw. hung up a little on one side, but nice depth to pool.

449- part of one side looked like the 402, the top looked crystalized, and it had slight frosting on the bottom only. had a great cold throw and a decent hot throw, nice pool.

Looking forward to thoughts/suggestions/comments. :D

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The vast majority of testers agree that the 444 cold throw sucks, and the 449 looks like the better of the two. The 402 I don't know much about, but seems like it needs some additives to make it work. If I had to choose I would choose the 449 and work on the pour temp/technique, simply due to the awesome cold throw. When I was testing the 444 against my 415 with BW I still got way better cold throw, and the hot throw was pretty close.


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