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ISO Bath Caviar Recipe


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they are little balls/beads of fragrance and moisturizers. They are made lotsa ways, some like bombs are mostly salts, some foam so I imagine they have som Slsa. I had some here and they were more complicated.. the listed ingrdiants are Urea, Water, Mica, Fragrance, Benzophenone-2, PVP/VA Copolymer, {Color} .

heres a pic of some

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Cool. But it looks like something you bought, not made, right? So if you bought those where did you buy them? And were did you get those tubes? I'm almost out and I got mine in a co-op a while ago and need more.

Sorry to hijack

oh yeah, i was just showing a pic of what it looks like, I dont make these.

I bought from wholesalebathconfetti.com

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Maybe you could make something similar out of a gel base, vitaburst beads, maybe some salt in there for a filler to the bitaburst beads?

You've got a good thought going there!

I'll try a small batch this w/e and see what happens!

Plus, I would have to color the gel base & the salts

Oh heck, will try some here shortly!


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