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Vase jar or

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I love the elegance of the vase jar, but have found that the jars that have even measurements from top to bottom burn the nicest. I seem to always go for the look though and choose the harder to wick curvy ones. For example, if you double wick the vase one your meltpool will become deeper faster at the bottom -- usually faster than desired. I had this problem more so with the paraffin blends than my hard to burn CB-3 soy. Whereas the jar that is as wide at the bottom as the top will keep the meltpool rate much more even -- not too deep too quick at the bottom, etc. Also, I noticed that flames seem to not flicker as much when the bottom part is wider -- as wide as the top. HTH

~Holly :)

EDITED TO ADD: If I were to only choose one, I would still go for the vase jar.

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