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paraffin from Bulgaria


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I sent e-mail in a company in Bulgaria (country near to Greece and Italy, so Sybersix maybe want to know about them) to ask them about their paraffin. This is the answer:


We don't have reseller in the region of Thessaloniki, the closest is Xanthi.

But we could deliver the paraffin dirctly. Please tell us what quantity you need.

For decorative candles we could offer the following types paraffin:

Paraffin E6 - melting point 57-59 dgr.C; oil content 0,2-0,7%; penetration 12-13; white flakes; paper bags 20 kg; price - 830 EUR/t FCA Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.

Paraffin E61 - melting point 57-62 dgr.C; oil content 0,5-0,8%; penetration 13-15; white granules; PP bags 23-25 kg; price - 885 EUR/t FCA Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.

Ceresine EC2 - melting point 80-82 dgr.C; oil content 1,5-2,5%; penetration 18-20; cream slabs; PP bags 25 kg; price - 940 EUR/t FCA Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.

----------------------They sell in Big quantities and I dont know yet about the cost of delivery. But If you can, tell me about their paraffin because they have different names.


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Hi Mary, I answered to your email!

From what I know, the firts two types of paraffin are "general purpose", the melting point indicates you can use them for pillars doing smooth pillars, rustic pillars..

On the last I'm not sure, if it's paraffin it is an high melting point paraffin and you can use it for special applications as hurricane candles/shell.

But there is also an additive called microcrystalline wax that has the same meltin point, you add this to paraffin to make it harder and raise a bit the melting point. You should ask about this if you are interested in hurricanes, otherwise you can focus your attention on the first two paraffins.

As a general rule a MP from 57-62 is a "normal" melting point.

If you want to make container candles the MP should be lower, for hurricanes should be higher.

Here on this board people dont' use Celsius, they use Farenheit, so you may have to convert the temp and measurement in the US metric systems.

I'm here when you need me,


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aouts! this is not a word, is pain...

Sabrina it's expensive!

At hobby stores here you can buy paraffin with stearic from 2 to 2.5 euro for 1 kg. I buy plain paraffin from a candlemaker who make candles for church and cost 1.5 euro for 1 kg (today I buy 15 kg), the stearic cost about 2.5 euro for 1 kg.

But, people who make candles for job and buy big quantities (1000-2000 kg) they can buy paraffin with only 0.70-0.80 euro for 1 Kg.

But the big problem is that here in Greece we have many chip candles from China, and I don't know how many people understand the different to buy china candles or handmade Greek candles.

I went to a new candlestore today, they have wonderful handmade candles, i wish I had a camera to show you their candles.

P.S. 1 Kg=2.205 Lb

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