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I have been in love with the effects of the Astorlite G/PQ, etc. ever since I saw pics on the old board. I am ready to buy some so I have been skipping around looking for tips/instructions/etc. for it's use. I understand palm wax does the same thing. I need a place to start however... Someone that uses it all the time and knows the tricks & tips, what not to do, etc.

I sure would appreciate some feedback before I dive into the wrong purchase since I know nothing. (I make 'regular' candles fine.)

Waiting for some kind, helpful, generious forum member to assist.:o :o (Please.....)

Thank you lots.


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I will guess that you are interested in making palm wax pillars by the Astorlite "letters" :D. IMO, pillars are almost fool proof & much easier to make & wick then containers. The biggest thing to remember is that palm wax shrinks alot, so you need to poke relief holes & keep them open while the candle is setting up. I will usually poke holes once I can take the candle out of the mold & then right before I do a refill. I use 1 oz/pp w/ great cold & hot throw. I've found that LX or RRD wicks work the best. HTH & good luck.

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