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Wax embeds and container candles (non Gel)

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I have not worked with wax embeds IN a container candle. (I have poured in the past, my own little fruit & cookie shapes to stick on top of my sundae candles). I use J223 (and now J300 until I use this batch up) and wondered if I could make my candles the way I always do, but add embeds to the top of the candle in the jar? Do embeds come scented (if I buy them already made)? Do they burn OK? I just thought it might be a nice change, plus make a cute an appealing looking candle, having fruit wax embeds (like strawberries) sitting above my strawberry scented candles, etc...

And if this can be done, approximately how much should I pour of my J223 or J300?

Thanks everyone!

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I think most of the embeds you would buy already made would be made of high mp wax. I make my own container embeds using IGI 4786. For my regular container wax I use j50, which is much too soft to make embeds with. There are many reasonably priced silicone molds out there and would probably save you some money in the long run if you can take the time to make them yourself. HTH some.


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I do have other wax for when I make my molds, I just wondered if you could "mix" the two together without any problems: J223 on bottom and then the embeds on top ( IGI 4786- that's what I use too) didnt know if the wick would burn correctly - to hot/not hot enough) having both these waxes in the same container.

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