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Really Dumb Question


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I thought I read somewhere and it may have been wrong, but when I was done with my soaps yesterday, they went asap in to zip lock bags with date , time and fragrance info on the bag.. When I took them out to take pics, the bottoms were kinda sweaty.. Should I let them stay out longer before I put them in baggies??


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Did you happen to put them into the freezer before unmolding? A lot of times they will "sweat" if this is the case, but I'm thinking it may be b/c of the fact that they are in ziplock baggies with air trapped in with them. ??

I would probably wrap them up in saran wrap so they are air tight, or shrink wrap (if you have that) instead of the baggies.

I know a lot of peeps let their M&P sit out for a day or longer to "dry out" before wrapping etc.


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