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Time to join you "big guys"- help????

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It is time that I join you candle makers. I have only made tarts becuase I was nervous about actually trying to wick something. But- I feel it is time. The little tart maker wants to join the big guys and try to make a candle. (AAAHHHH!!!) :grin2:

I currently use MillCreek soy wax (container) and bw. I am thinking that for a container candle, I would not need the bw.

Can you recommend an easy style jar for me to work with? And possibly a wick size(s) that I should get to go along with that size.

I am thinking that I will also need those wick sticky things.

Any other supplies that I am missing that you feel are really helpful for a newbie.

Oh man- I cannot believe that I am thinking of doing this! LOL A whole new round of testing! :undecided

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I would suggest a container that is between 2" to 3" wide and less than 3" tall. Containers with these dimensions are easier to wick.

I started making container candles in 4 oz. quilted jelly jars since they fell within these measurements, were inexpensive (Wal-Mart), and a lot of people have experience with them.

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I user MC soy too with BW in my containers. It definitely helps the cold and hot throw, even if it has negligible effect on smooth tops when pouring hot. You could start out with 8 oz jelly jars, most FOs I have used with that jar used either HTP 93, 104 or 105. Wick stickers are a must, and you can use clothespins to center your wicks. Jelly jars don't cost too much, and you can get them at Wal-mart or Meijer. Also, you can make things easier on yourself by not coloring them at first.

HTH! geek

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