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What does Frostop look like?

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Creamy white color, solid marble-sized chunks that look like they were cut off of a larger piece- slightly crumbly. I can take a pic for ya if you want :)


Sure, let's have a look if you feel like photographing it. I got to thinking about what it might be and lecithin crossed my mind, but the description doesn't sound right. If it's some other emulsifier maybe someone will recognize it.
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Here's the pic, but I can do ya one better. You can have my sample if you feel like experimenting with it. Personally I don't care about frosting - all my customers have been trained & accept it as a soy quirk. If you want it PM me your addy & I'll drop it in the mail.

FYI - It has a waxy consistancy & faint waxy odor to it.


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