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Im so excited


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Got my orders into with soap molds, m & p goat milk base and 2 more dyes ( orange and burgandy) I will post pics tonight and tomorrow of all my work. Please note that I only have 4 color dyes right now so the scent and color may not match.. I am making a bunch in the next 2 days because my in laws are coming in for the weekend and I want to make a bunch to send back and have all the family up in NJ test a bunch of different ones. :-) WOOHOO

The new scents I got in are all from NG

PinK Grapefruit

Best Friends- which I got a sample of with my kit and loved it..

Cool Water and Curve for Men

OMH - which I got a smaple of and loved it

Warm Vanilla Sugar

So I cant wait for after dinner to start playing


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Oh girl, you're gonna be having fun tonight for sure!! :whoohoo:

You should have bought the primary colors then you could have mixed them and come up with lots of other colors. ;)

You may be able to mix some that you've got though to come up with some great matches, etc. You know instead of making a solid burgandy bar, make a layered pink and burgandy, do some orange and burgandy chunks, with a pink (clear base) overpour, that would be pretty etc. etc. etc.

Those scents you got sound yummy. I got my order in from NG the other day, and they sent me a free mousepad (it's really pretty) and some little itty bitty heart soaps with their dupe of "downy lavender vanilla" or something like that, and I didn't like it at all. BUT, that was the second time ordering from them, and my first time getting anything FREE from them, so I was happy. LOL

So, did you get new molds too? What did you get? Anything you can use for embeds? That would give you more "creativity" with color contrast etc. also.

Just some thoughts for ya.

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Thanks. Will take pics in the morning. Have a question.. Where is a great place to get more liquid dyes then the four that I have?? All I have is Orange, Red, Purple and Burgandy. I need more. :-)

I am not sure how to do layers or chunks with soaps, so don't want to venture into those yet..

I have had 3 people test the purple with "Best Friends" FO and they love it. Im gonna try it in a few more colors and have my neighbors test those colors and then I may be ready to sell my first MP with 1 FO so far. LMFAO

I got the free mousepad too. Love it

Anyone that can help me with the dyes would be much appreciate..

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