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? about containers for b&b products


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What do you mean? You really need to search around for what best fits with the style you're looking for ya know?

What you need to do is find something you like and see if you can get it in the same style type but for different applications/products. ie. different sizes, or jars and bottles that match etc.

I'm trying to go for a more sleek/clean look, kind of an old fashioned/hospital/apothocary look, and therefore am using clear frosted jars, bottles with silver metal lids and am currently looking for clear sprayers with silver type neck covers, right now I'm using aluminum bottles with black sprayers and may just stick with those since they seem to match well with the jars, but I'd like to have a pump that matches with this style also, so I'll be searching for that as well.

It's kind of fun to try and find a style to go with, but at the same time frustrating, b/c a lot of times you'll find what you like at one site, but they only carry one size or nothing to match with it, and you end up finding like 6 different suppliers to meet your needs. :rolleyes: That's the hard part, finding one or no more than two suppliers to fulfill your needs.

If you let me know what kind of look you're going for, I may be able to offer some suggestions.

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There's so many varieties of bottles, it's hard to choose, isn't it...

glass or plastic...

Clear, frosted, colored....

round, oval, tottle (malibu)

hard, squeezable...

type of cap, color of cap...

Endless varieties..

And some plastics you'll find can be sensitive to UV, and/or fragrances FO and EOs. So you can be surprised when your white lotion turns yellow in a few months unless you do shelf life tests.

I used to go with clear oval PET bottles for lotions. Oval so they were a bit squeezable.

Here's a guideline to the type of plastics by product http://www.clsmith.com/wp_cosmetics.htm

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