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Testing Question


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Do you have others test your candles as well? I do, but now I passing along a card to have them complete, the card looks something like this:

Sweat Pea (peaks)/Soy Mil Blend EL/HTP 104

Cold Throw 1 2 3 4

Hot Throw 1 2 3 4

Full Melt Pool 1 2 3 4

Fragrance Match 1 2 3 4

Do I need to add anything else

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Yeah, It might be useful to know if they even like the scent. Poop in a jar could have good hot throw and cold throw, but I don't think anyone would buy it.:D

Ok, so I'm disgusting.


I thought about adding that but I dont think its relavent. I love fruity scents but hate floral scents. That does not mean that someone else is not going to love floral scents. Im more concern with the throw and if the candle smells like its title.

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