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which FO to CP for my test batch??


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OK, I'm looking to tweak my base recipe and think I'm gonna try incorporating some meadowfoam seed oil per cindym's suggestion (thanks cindy!)

Now it comes down to this - I don't know which FO to soap next. It's gonna be a smaller maybe 1.5 - 1.75lb batch just for me to work the kinks out so it's gotta be a scent I can enjoy.

Here's my list - all SW btw (I'm an SW junkie - can't help it!):

Instant Karma (I've CP'd this before & love it - never made it to any customers, just hoarded it for myself!)


Honeysuckle Rose

Mandarin Coriander

Zen Tea

Hmmm, what to do, what to do...

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LOL, you guys are a big help :rolleyes2

I'm thinking my next test batch will be (drum roll please!)....

mandarin coriander... it is an interesting scent and I only have an ounce of it - perfect for a small batch. I've been wanting to play with my micas too.

No worries, zen tea was likely going to be next on my list - thanks guys!

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Ok, that's it, as soon as I get some $$$ (hmmm I need another job! LOL) I've just got to try some of these SW FO's, first on my list is definitely the LLC!!

OMG I freakin' love that stuff, and I want to make EVERYTHING in that, especially an edible body spray, since my hubby can't stop sniffing me after I use the scrub that GuppyGirl sent me (yep she got her LLC! ;) ), and I'd love to just douse myself in that stuff one night and see my DH got crazy!! :D


I think someone should do a co-op on SW FO's, do they offer that option?? ;)

I'm dying to try them ALL!!

Oh, sorry for hijacking your post girl LOL I think your choice sounds good, very different name, I'd be willing to be a tester for you, you know I'm a good one dontcha?? Yep, you KNOW I am!!!

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LOL, yup Michi, I certainly know where to go for a tester girl!

And no, I didn't get my LLC yet - I only have an ounce left of my 4oz bottle. Elle I was thinking of calling you to bum some! I have a pound on order (should be here next week) and a pound my friend's sister picked up, but they haven't gotten together yet & who knows when I'll get it... so 2lbs of LLC all for me but I don't have it!!! It's just not fair!!!

Michi, if you have a full time job, get another one before you order from SW - you'll need it!

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