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HI. Didn't know if I sould put this with my other question or not. What is your favorite vanilla that throws good in soy? I don't like it perfumy or sugary, but more like real vanilla or a bit less sharp. Anyone use one from Millcreek? I need to order two scents from them and could add another. Hate to get the little samples and then love it and have to order more and have more shipping costs. Of course, LOL, I have several larger bottles of FO that I think are disgusting! TIA. Beth

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i have used Millcreeks French Vanilla, and i much prefer Peak's Vanilla Passion. Millcreek has alot of good ones, but im not a fan of the French Vanilla. I have been wondering about their new Extreme Vanilla. From Millcreek, I always get, Berry Creme Brulee, Vanilla Hazelnut Mocha, Lavender Fields, and Strawberry Jam. HTH

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i use millcreek's french vanilla, i have got the extreme vanilla but it's not in wax yet. oob comparison the french vanilla has a hint of almond, amaretto kinda smell, the extreme vanilla is more of a straight vanilla with a slight buttery note to it.

if you put in an order to millcreek please consider the apricot sorbet it is awesome, strong cold/hot throws in 100% soy.

the lavender/vanilla is also great, strong.

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