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Warped Presto Pot??


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Hi all :)

I made a batch of candles today and after I cleaned out my Presto pot, I went to put the lid back on....and it didn't fit! I always put the lid on when I store it to keep dust out. The top of the presto seems to have warped a bit. Yikes! This totally scares me. I did heat it a bit high today (223...I was using a bad thermometer and didn't realize it until I tried my digital one...then I unplugged the pot until it cooled). Do you think the pot just got to hot? Or do I have a bad pot? I mean, these things are made to deep fry stuff in so I'm thinking it should'nt warp even if the temp was a bit high. What do you guys think?

Thanks :)


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THose things are eant to be used at much higher temps, on a regular basis. 223 degrees shouldn't affect it, in the least.

They ARE cast aluminum, though, which does *tend* to warp.

I'm thinking this might happen more from it cooling too fast, rather than getting too hot.

I could also see where the spigot might make it cool unevenly, too.

I wonder... is your work area really cold, most of the time ? Did you wipe it off with a damp rag, on the outside ?

Top may have some more/better ideas. Maybe he'll check in, soon.

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