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It's Donita's fault!!!!!


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Lord am I ever addicted to making these things and it's all Donita's fault.:D :D Though I will NEVER be able to come close to what you do Donita, I must say "I am loving these things". Thanks to you and your advice, I have one waiting at all times to apply flowers to. Still working on trying to get the over dip technique down pat though. Sorry for the quality of pic's, but I couldn't get them to where they weren't blurred some. Portia





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Thank you all soooo much for the compliments, but I have a LONG way to go. These have been the most addictive things I have ever done except for the horse embed pillar that I do. I think what I love most about these is the time it takes to sit and get each flower as PERFECT as you can. I have been known to LOVE tedious (sp?) work.

Donita, you are my inspiration and THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patience and advice, I would have never been able to have even attempted these without you.

Geekrunner: Thank you and I'm so glad that your SIL liked the candle.

Off to more flowers. I'm finding myself now spending $$$$$ on dried flowers instead of fragrance oils now:D Portia

Edit: I'm by no means trying to compete with Donita, I COULD NEVER MEASURE UP TO HER WORK, but trying to achieve/learn an art from her and carry it on.

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