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OK seriously..lol

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Ok I ordered some Ecosoya 135 container wax...the frosting is killing me. I tried beeswax and tried pouring cooler...still frosting!! I am in love with the way that these burn however. Got the wicking right and the burn is great and clean. I love that. My problem is I can not live with that frosting...lol So on to my main question, I have been reading about the ecosoya advanced container wax...is there really a difference in the frosting with this? I ordered a sample of it...its not here yet. Am I going to be dissapointed or is the frosting not an issue with the advanced?? Am praying there is hope..lol;)

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If this is any encouragement....I use Calsoy CB-3 which frosts a lot worse than the Eco 135. I did not get a lot of frosting with the Eco 135 with the few testers I made compared to the CB-3 soy. However, because I like many other qualities about the CB-3 soy, I kept plugging along trying to put up with the frosting and also trying fix the frosting. I have some luck with Frostop with some of the oils that cause the worst frosting in the soy I use. I still get frosting to a certain extent. I have found that I am actually embracing the frosting now and have more confidence now that most customers do not seem to mind it. It was bothering me way more than customers. I will admit that I tried a few other soys looking for one that did not frost as much. There are others with less frosting but they were not as good in other areas. I think once you give others a try and find you still love the Eco 135, the frosting will not seem as much of an issue. There is a soy that is very close to the CB-3 that I use which does not frost as much -- Northstar's soy. I have only made one candle with it so far, so I really cannot compare it completely with the CB-3 other than it definitely does not frost as much. I was mainly comparing the two to see if the Northstar would not require a repour. Good luck in your soy venture!


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Not like I've tried every wax but I'm still confident that CB-Adv is the most frost free on the market and probably the easiest to wick. You trade off scent throw and container adhesion for that.

Of the more conventional waxes, I find CB-135 to be pretty well behaved. If you're having major frosting issues with it, it might be worth experimenting to find out which of your ingredients is causing that. Maybe you can use a more compatible dye or something.

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