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Secret Frog


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Hi, It was my niece's engagement party today and as a gift my dh and I bought her towels plus I made her a pillar and a ball candle to match. She loves and collects frogs (not live ones) so I embossed a frog on the pillar. Can you see it? Candles are scented Cornucopia and photographed with gift towels.


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SORRY. Ain't no frog here in Canada. Maybe it's too damn cold and that's why I can't see it. The candles look good, "even without the frog" Maybe I need new tri focals.

Hi Cliff, No, its not your eyes - the frog is pretty hard to see (in this photo at any rate - its much easier in the flesh (so to speak)). Here's a photo of the stencil it came from. See if that helps. Mozzie


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