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Help, I need advice please

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I'm new at making candles ( I'm still ordering supplies) and wanted to know if anyone can give me any advice on Kysoy wax or any other soy wax that I don't have to add any additives to and votive candles. I'm not sure if I should start off with votives or try to jump right into cintainers. Help :embarasse

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Not sure I understood your question but as for the KYwax, some add beeswax to KYSOY but you dont really need to add anything to the KY125. To make votives you should have a votive blend. They are easier to make than containers. I started with votives. Were you asking about not adding something to container wax to make votives? I'll just say that personally, none of my votives turned out good that I mixed additives with container wax to make. Had to use the votive blend. :)

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