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Poor Scent Casting


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What all can attribute to poor scent cast? I have tried a variety of different strengths and am not getting a good hot scent cast? Cold scent cast is pretty good...

J225 Wax (I know not many are using it)

Does the method of mixture effect scent cast? I would believe it does. I am using a bamboo skewer for stirring small batches. I stir until I can no longer see any trace of the scent oil in the wax, then I stir awhile longer.

I heat my wax to 180, pour, add scent, stir, let set, check cold scent, add wick, and burn... Sometimes there is a good cold scent, but almost nothing on the hot scent. I am generating a decent pool...

Where to turn???

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I don't think the method for your pouring would matter much, since you said you mix until the FO is fully incorporated. Where are you getting your oils from, and what percentage do you use? Is it a typically light scent? Are you getting bad scent throw with EVERY fo you test? If so, maybe try testing a new wax...or have you only tried one FO? If that's the case, try a stronger scent from perhaps a different supplier and see if you can get a good scent throw on that one. There's a lot of factors that come into play when testing scent throw and you'll have to weed each one out individually before coming to a conclusion as to why the scent isn't strong.

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