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2nd attempt cphp


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Heres my second attempt...this is just oo and castor, pink was the only color i had and i couldnt decide on a scent so i chose white tea and ginger...(dont like the smell in soap at all) well i shaved the heck out of these with a potatoe peeler, they were so ugly.. i poured about an inch or so in the bottom of a thin drawer organizer then i cut like browinies.. they were crooked and ugly on both sides, next time i will pour in a loaf pan that way the largest part will be smoother when i cut them and only the thin sides will be rough, if that makes any sense,, thats if i do hp again thinking of trying cp today... Its so funny nobody wants to try the soap, because i used it right after i poured it and didnt tounge test it, well my hands gradually became red and itchy. i poured vinegar on them and that helped... i asked my daughter to try it today, told her it was fine... she said, "i dont want to pour vinegar on my hands before school." i will be lucky if they try any soap i make..LOL

any hoo... here it is...


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Looks pretty good to me:)

I know alot of people dislike doing hp but I'm one who does like it (cphp). It did take a few batches before I got the hang of it and my soaps not turning out fugly.LOL My main reason was the space for curing cp...I just didn't have it and now that I live in an apartment, I really don't have it.:rolleyes2

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