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Things I learned today...


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hehehe...while making Lavender soap!!!

1. Don't measure Lavender Fo in a plastic cup! It will eat right threw it!!

2. Look at the soap Bucket before you pick it up!!! LOL! Kinda got a bit of a burn...just a tiny one!!! But boy it stung!!

3. When Using Gel Tones from BCN..Hit it with the stick blender before a thick trace!! I added the color..no color with reg mixing! LOL stick blender for a min...holy smokes!!! I got Color!!!! ps..don't use to much!!!

4. need to get a new lid for soap mold! Saran warp causes condensation which leaves little bubbles on Top!!

5. I can swirl!!!! At least the top! we will see how the inside comes out tomorrow!

6. Don't drink soo much coke!!!!!:shocked2: It keeps ya up late!!!

Have a Great night!!!! That was my exciting night of soaping!!! My house smells like Lavender!!!!


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