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Castile (for Heather's Swap)


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So I decided to do a Castile this time, new recipe, never tried. Used OO/RBO/CAS w/some sugar and silk (wondering if these will help boost le non-lathery issue for ). Will be interesting to see what comes of it. The sliver I tried soon after gave a creamy lather, not too bad.

I used Raspberry Guava/Apple and it smells deliciously fruity and clean. Couldn't go w/o color, though. I have color issues. Couldn't resist. The round ones are the leftover soap, swirled in pot and lye can for a mold. They were still kind of sticky when I cut them. I waited THREE days before cutting the log.




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Thanks guys. Green No.3, Pigment Lady. :rockon:

As far as the can, you just cut off one end (the one that the lid screw on) so that it is a tube, cover that end w/some plastic wrap (held by rubber band) an then I coat it w/some veggie oil or spray. Sliiiiiides right out. I love 'em. These roundies are my test batches for personal use.

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