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CP recipe using Babassu


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Ok, just go my Babassu in and am trying to build a new recipe using it, take in consideration I have not made a new recipe in a while and am using some different oils than I normally use, so I ran it thur the sooz but would like some opinions as to the qualities

Here are the calculations:

10% Coconut Oil

10% Palm Kernal Oil

10% Babassu

15% Palm

5% Cocoa Butter

10% Castor

20% Safflower Oil

20% RBO

Hardness 41

cleansing 20

condition 55

bubbles 29

creamy lather 20

Iodine 63

Any suggestions appreciated



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I think it looks lovely. I would probably lower the coconut oil to 5% and up one of the soft oils, just to make it more conditioning. But it will probably be wonderful as is. Let us know how it turns out. It's going to bubble like crazy!:yay: :yay:

Edited twice because I can't spell tonight!

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You guys are funny, I made my very first recipe b4 I ever even knew about this board and have always loved it, always had a great hard bar, good lather now when I go to try and figure out a new recipe I decide to put my good old standard in and can't believe it even sells when I compare it to bunnys recipe builder and the sooz etc.

Guppygirl- might use more of the Babassu, this recipe not set in stone yet, just mainly playing with # and b4 I went any further needed to know I was in the right direction. Umm...I don't have your Babassu, put your 3# in my 80# batch of soap I made while the baby was sick today LOL J/K

So, now I guess I am going to reformulate my basic recipe as well, not a lot, if it is not broke don't fix it right?


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