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Need help naming salve


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I need help naming a salve made with some of these main ingredients:

Olive and grapeseed Oil infusion of chickweed, comfrey, plantain, st. john’s wort, lavender buds, Chamomile, calendula.

Hemp seed oil, sweet almond oil, Vitamin E, Rosemary EO, Tea Tree Oil EO.

I have previously made a 'hemp oil salve with Tea Tree Oil'.

The ingedients were mostly the same but I want to make this one more of a lavender scent than tea tree oil, and the previous salve only had a few herbs infused this new one has many!!!

This is meant to be a natural baby rash treatment but really it's uses are endless and I want that known in my name of the salve without saying 'all purpose salve'.......

Any ideas? Please?? :highfive:

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I make a very similiar balm that I call BooBoo Balm. I would guess that if you are going to sell it you wouldn't want to have a name that infers that it "heals". How bout something like Mother Natures All Purpose Balm...LOL, sorry it's very late (or early depending on how you look at it) and my brain is a little foggy.

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Okay so it's named, and thankyou to everyone who helped out! I did use the word healing in the explanation of the product on the label, although, I'm not sure about the legal standards here in Canada. But this item is not for 'sale'. Just for family and gifts etc. so I figured it wasn't a problem.

I totally took the ideas and came up with this:

Natural Hemp Herbal relief

Ingredients to keep skin healthy and promote healing

For endless uses!!


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