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Hi there. I bought a small "make your own lotion and lip balm" kit today, and decided to use a couple of my candle FOs instead of the ones in the kit. Um, I put a LOT in one of them...maybe 1/2 an ounce. I was bumped while pouring it in the bottle with the lotion. I was wondering how bad this is. Should I toss it in the trash? Will the extra FO peel the skin off of me? Cause a painful-impossible -to-heal rash? These are small little two ounce bottles.... thanks in advance!

(before I used it, I checked the site where I bought it, and it said it was B&B safe)

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Just for future reference, you might want to try pipettes.

Its so easy to overpour out of those little bottles. Been there, done that.

You never want to add more than 1 oz to 1.5 oz per gallon of lotion.

I am going to give u a good site for reference on measuring FO for B&B.


I would recommend that you either add some more lotion to it, or throw it away. It depends on how sensitive your skin is.

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Generally speaking, many fragrance oils that are spicy or cinnamon scented are usually not recommended for skin care products (there are exceptions).

Most of the fragrance oils I see are recommended safe to use between at a rate of 1% - 3% of the total weight of your product. Of course the amount you use will depend on the strength of the fragrance oil you buy, which can vary from company to company. Here is a link if need a little help converting measurements: http://thesage.com/calcs/measures.html

If you have sensitive skin don't use the lotion. I definitely wouldn't use the lip balm if you added fragrance oil to it. I do not believe they make any fragrance oils that are safe for lip care products. What you would need are flavor oils for the lip balm.

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